DNC Statement on National Voter Registration Day

In honor of National Voter Registration Day, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison released the following statement:

“We won big in 2020, but in this upcoming election there is so much at stake — whether it’s defeating the pandemic once and for all, rebuilding the economy back better, protecting the sacred right to vote, or combating climate change. That’s why on this National Voter Registration Day and every day after, Democrats are working nonstop to register voters. We applaud the activists and organizers across the country who are joining our fight to guarantee that every eligible American can exercise their fundamental right to vote and, in the process, are making sure we keep our democracy strong. 

“We are facing a Republican Party that wants to undermine our democracy and disenfranchise the Americans trying to use their voices and their votes at the ballot box. In July, Vice President Harris announced a $25 million expansion to the Democratic National Committee’s ‘I Will Vote Initiative’ to combat these attacks, but it’s on all of us to make sure that we protect our constitutional rights by connecting with every single family member and friend to make sure they’re registered to vote. 

“Let’s make sure that we do everything we can to ensure Democrats win in the upcoming elections in 2021, 2022, and beyond. 

“Visit IWillVote.com — Democrats’ voter participation website — to easily register to vote, check to see if you’re registered, and learn important information about the voting process in your state. The site is also completely accessible in Spanish at VoyAVotar.com.”