DNC Statement on Older Americans Month

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison issued the following statement on the start of Older Americans Month: 

This Older Americans Month, Republicans are renewing their shameful attacks on the Medicare and Social Security benefits that millions of seniors rely on. For more than half a century, Americans have been paying into these systems with the promise that they will one day get to see the benefits — but Republicans have a plan that could break that promise. Their agenda could put the health coverage and Social Security benefits seniors count on every day on the chopping block. 

Meanwhile, President Biden and Democrats have our seniors’ backs – this month, and every month. President Biden has proposed a budget that invests in and bolsters Social Security instead of threatening it. And Democrats have lowered health care premiums for millions of Americans, and are pushing to lower prescription drug prices. 

The choice for seniors this year couldn’t be clearer – while Democrats are fighting to protect seniors’ right to their hard-earned benefits, Republicans have a plan to sunset the programs they depend on.