DNC Statement on Passage of Disastrous Republican Farm Bill

DNC spokesperson Mandy McClure released the following statement after House Republicans passed their disastrous farm bill, which would cut food assistance for up to 2 million Americans:


“This is a bad bill, plain and simple. Make no mistake, 213 House Republicans voted to take food off the tables of hungry families — including seniors, students, children, people with disabilities, and veterans. Their partisan bill puts billionaires over family farmers and guts important investments in rural development. House Republicans’ extreme demand of denying food assistance to millions of Americans could jeopardize prospects for enacting a long-term bill that benefits farmers, rural communities, and the entire country.


“The farmers of America and the millions of families they feed deserve better. From trying to cut funding for SNAP benefits and Meals on Wheels to trying to repeal health care, the Republican Party is hell-bent on attacking our most vulnerable citizens and taking away the basic pillars of economic security. But while Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress continue to push policies that would be disastrous for working families, Democrats are fighting for an economy that works for everyone. We will continue to work on a bipartisan bill that puts farmers and families first.”