DNC Statement on President Biden’s Build Back Better Framework

DNC chair Jaime Harrison released the following statement:

“President Biden and Democrats are on the verge of passing a historic agenda that will grow our economy, create millions of good-paying jobs, take on the climate crisis, deliver lower costs and tax cuts for middle-class families, and significantly improve the lives of Americans across the country. As President Biden would say, this is a BFD.

“The American people put Democrats in charge because they wanted a government that works for them, especially after the past four years under Republican control. And once again, Democrats are delivering results in a very big way. No matter your background, whether you come from a big city, a rural community, or somewhere in between, President Biden’s Build Back Better framework is for you. That’s why this agenda is so overwhelmingly popular. Americans are exhausted by the Republican Party’s ideological bankruptcy and obsession with obstruction. They’re ready for leaders who get things done. 

“While Republicans go to bat for corporations and the ultra-wealthy, the Build Back Better agenda is a reflection of President Biden and Democrats’ chief values – helping out everyday Americans, rewarding work not wealth, and building a fair economy that works for everyone. Because of Democratic leadership, millions of children will continue to escape the hardships of poverty; seniors will have improved health care options; America will take a huge step toward addressing the climate crisis; and working families and small businesses will have the needed resources to get through this pandemic and thrive. 

“The work is not over, but today we took a major step in the right direction of delivering for the American people and I applaud President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, Leader Schumer, congressional Democrats, and community activists for their tireless work to reach this historic framework. We won in 2020 because we put the American people first, and this is how we’ll win in 2022.”