DNC Statement on Republican Immigration Legislation That Would Hurt Children

DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement after House ​Republican leaders unveiled their “compromise” immigration legislation:


“This legislation isn’t a ‘compromise.’ It’s an anti-immigrant wish list that would hold Dreamers hostage in exchange for Trump’s border wall, make it ​more ​difficult to gain asylum, and prolong detention for children under even worse conditions.


“Republicans will try to sell this legislation as a solution to Trump’s inhumane family separation policy, but that’s just another lie from a party with no regard for the truth. In reality, this bill would eliminate protections for children, allowing the Trump administration to detain them indefinitely and deport them to the life-threatening conditions from which they fled. And it makes deep cuts to our legal immigration system that will keep families apart.


“The cruelty on display here is unconscionable. If Republicans were serious about ending Trump’s humanitarian crisis, they would join Democrats in working to pass a bipartisan solution that actually protects children, not one that uproots lives and shatters families.”