DNC Statement on Republicans Protecting Steve Bannon

Today, nearly every House Republican voted against holding Steve Bannon in contempt for his violation of a congressional subpoena. DNC spokesperson Adonna Biel released the following statement: 

“Republicans refusing to hold Steve Bannon in contempt is just the latest example of their willingness to do anything to protect the people most responsible for the violent assault on our Capitol. Between their relentless attacks on voting rights and their willingness to defend a criminal instead of standing up to Trump, today’s Republican Party has fully branded themselves as the anti-democracy party. These Republicans are cowards who have fully surrendered to the puppeteering of a president who cost them the House, Senate, and White House. Between the lies, conspiracies, and shamelessness, House Republicans should probably seek medical attention to locate their missing spines.”

Let’s take a look back at how deeply that Trump loyalty runs: 

Daniella Diaz, CNN: “I asked @GOPLeader if he still thinks Trump is responsible for the Capitol attack (something he said on the House floor a week after 1/6)

“McCarthy ignored my Q & instead blamed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for ignoring a note passed to her about security issues during the attack.”

 Leigh Ann Caldwell, NBC News: “McCarthy and GOP are blaming Pelosi for security failures.

“When I and another reporter asked if McConnell, who was majority leader on Jan6, should also be questioned and blamed for security lapses, McCarthy refused to answer”

 CNN: “Fact check: Some Republicans have tried to rewrite the history of January 6. Here’s how”

 CNN: “A Republican House member just described January 6 as a ‘normal tourist visit’”

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