DNC Statement on RFK Jr.’s Trump Megadonor-Backed Super PAC Spending Millions on an Ad

In response to RFK Jr.’s Trump donor-fueled super PAC burning through $7 million on an ad tonight following an FEC complaint filed against them for illegal coordination with his campaign, DNC Rapid Response Director Alex Floyd released the following statement: 

“It’s fitting that the first national ad promoting Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s candidacy was bought and paid for by Donald Trump’s largest donor this cycle. RFK Jr. is nothing more than a Trump stalking horse in this race.”

The RFK Jr.-aligned super PAC American Values 2024 has received $15 million in donations from GOP megadonor and Trump backer Timothy Mellon.

New York Times: “R.F.K.-Aligned Super PAC Draws Heavily From a Republican Megadonor.”

Financial Times: “Donald Trump donor pours cash into Robert Kennedy Jr’s White House run.”

Rolling Stone: “Half of that staggering cash haul [for RFK Jr. and American Values 2024] has come from two people. Timothy Mellon, a Republican megadonor who backed Donald Trump’s failed 2020 reelection campaign, has donated another $10 million to the pro-Kennedy super PAC, American Values 2024. Mellon, an heir to the Mellon banking fortune, has now given $15 million to the group so far.”

Mellon was helping to “keep the lights on for the Kennedy campaign” and “was first inclined to give $5 million to R.F.K. because he thought he was a kooky Biden-botherer in the Democratic primary.”

Washington Examiner: “Timothy Mellon, a Republican megadonor and ex-chairman of the transportation-holding corporation Pan Am Systems. Mellon, the grandson of banking tycoon Andrew Mellon, gave $5 million in April to American Values 2024, a super PAC supporting Kennedy, campaign finance disclosures show.”

Puck: “Mellon, I’ve been told, is fascinated by presidential politics and was first inclined to give $5 million to R.F.K. because he thought he was a kooky Biden-botherer in the Democratic primary.”

Mellon is also Trump’s biggest donor in the 2024 presidential campaign cycle.

NBC News: “Mellon, who is listed on the report as a self-employed investor, has contributed millions to Republican candidates and causes in the past, including a whopping $20 million to super PACs supporting former President Donald Trump’s re-election bid in 2020.”

Politico: “The biggest donation by far [to a pro-Trump super PAC] came from Timothy Mellon, a transportation executive and heir to the Mellon banking fortune, who wrote a $10 million check.”