DNC Statement on Ronna McDaniel and Rick Scott in North Carolina

Ahead of RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel and NRSC Chair Rick Scott’s rally for Ted Budd in North Carolina, we wanted to remind you of Republicans’ extreme agenda if they take the majority.

DNC spokesperson Ammar Moussa released the following statement: 

“Republicans have made it abundantly clear that if they take control, they’ll be laser focused on raising drug costs, cutting Social Security and Medicare, and passing a national abortion ban that threatens doctors with jail time. Ronna McDaniel, Rick Scott, and Ted Budd are only showing North Carolinians that we can’t afford Republican control.” 

Rick Scott released an agenda that would put Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block.

Washington Post Opinion: “[Rick] Scott’s plan would also sunset — eliminate — all federal legislation over five years, under the (risky) assumption that worthy laws would be reenacted. That could mean an end to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, everything else mentioned above — and potentially more.”

Ted Budd has indicated support for Rick Scott’s agenda and is a member of the Republican Study Committee, which has proposed gutting Social Security.

Fox 8 WGPH: North Carolina Senate candidate Ted Budd “generally agreed with some of [the Scott plan’s] major points.”

NBC News: “The Republican Study Committee, a large group of House conservatives, proposed a budget in June that would incrementally raise the retirement age to collect Social Security… and lower benefits over the long term.”

Ronna McDaniel has repeatedly tried to spin the fact that the Republican agenda includes a nationwide abortion ban, dodging questions on Lindsey Graham’s proposed national abortion ban.

Washington Examiner: “Still, McDaniel did not directly answer how Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-SC) recently introduced national abortion ban and similar calls for federal restrictions from leading Republicans square with stated GOP positions of limiting government and protecting civil liberties. ‘Well, I think the Dobbs decision does exactly what Republicans have always thought, is that it should go back to the states,’ she responded.”

But Rick Scott and Ted Budd have already thrown their support behind Graham’s bill, and Budd has even indicated he supports a total abortion ban with no exceptions for victims of rape or incest. 

NBC News: “Scott was asked on NBC News’ ‘Meet the Press’ to weigh in on Sen. Lindsey Graham’s bill to ban abortion nationwide after 15 weeks of pregnancy and whether he believes such restrictions should be done on the federal level. ‘Look, there’s arguments to do it at the federal level,’ he said.”

Raleigh News & Observer: “U.S. Rep. Ted Budd expressed his support this week for a new proposal to ban abortion nationwide that has been poorly received by many of his fellow Republicans on Capitol Hill, including top leaders in the Senate.”

WRAL: “On the campaign trail, the congressman has indicated his opposition to abortion in all cases, including rape or incest.”