DNC Statement on Small Business Saturday

In observance of Small Business Saturday, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison and Chair of the DNC’s Small Business Council Andrew Lachman, released the following statement:

“Small businesses are the foundation of the American economy and are the heart of communities across the country. The pandemic has impacted small businesses deeply as a result, but this year we can celebrate the enormous progress we have made as a record number of small businesses are starting up and as our economy makes a historic recovery thanks to the leadership of President Biden.

“We hope everyone will join us in putting our values into action this weekend and show their support for small business by doing their holiday shopping at small businesses in their communities.

“Thanks to President Biden and Democrats, we are once again investing in small businesses in the way they deserve: as primary job creators and the foundation of our economic progress. The President’s American Rescue Plan helped change the course of the pandemic’s effect on small businesses by delivering immediate relief to those hardest hit with special support for businesses with less than 50 employees, restaurants, rural small businesses, and businesses in economically disadvantaged communities. Now, the president is focused on helping small businesses get ahead including with the Build Back Better Act which will continue to expand federal collaborations with small businesses, create new loan programs for entrepreneurs’ access to affordable child care, and specifically implement programs meant to support minority-owned businesses. The new Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will help small businesses become even more competitive by upgrading the infrastructure like roads, internet, and energy grid that we all depend on. 

“President Biden is a small business president because he understands that when they do well, we all do.”