DNC Statement on Small Business Week

DNC Chair Tom Perez and DNC Small Business Council Chair Andrew Lachman issued the following statement on National Small Business Week:

“This week, we celebrate the contributions of America’s small businesses to our local communities and our national economy. Through their creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation, small businesses create new jobs and opportunities for working families across our country.

“Instead of giving more tax breaks to the biggest and wealthiest corporations, Democrats believe we should be helping lift up small businesses that are the engine of our economy. That’s why we’re proud to support policies that expand resources and opportunities for small business owners and entrepreneurs, while protecting and providing for the well-being of their employees.


“From immigration and healthcare, to taxes and the budget, Democrats have sought to protect small businesses from the disastrous policies of this administration, which continue to prioritize wealthy corporations and Wall Street at the expense of Main Street. Democrats will continue to stand up for American workers and fight for an economy where small businesses can thrive.”