DNC Statement on Supreme Court Ruling on Affirmative Action

WASHINGTON – Despite an attempt by conservatives to challenge Affirmative Action protections, the Supreme Court today reaffirmed that diversity is a crucial factor that can be considered in the college admissions process with a 4-3 decision. In response to the Supreme Court decision, the Chairs of the DNC’s Hispanic, AAPI, and African-American Caucus released the following statement: 

“The Supreme Court made the right decision today. As a nation, our diversity is our strength. We are at our best when we are opening doors, not when we’re building walls. Today’s ruling will ensure that our colleges and universities can continue to take proactive steps to level the playing field and give everyone a fair shot, regardless of their race. When people of all backgrounds have the opportunity to succeed, America succeeds. 

“But today’s Supreme Court decision also highlights the fact that there remains a vacancy on our highest court. Republican leaders refuse to do their jobs and hold hearings and a vote to fill that seat for one reason: they want to elect Donald Trump and give him the power to pick the next justice and fill any other vacancies over the next four years. As the most divisive, reckless, and erratic presidential nominee in modern history, Trump simply lacks the judgment and temperament needed for a job as important and consequential as choosing a Supreme Court justice. 

“Democrats will continue to fight for a full and functioning Supreme Court that will uphold the principle of equal opportunity for all. We must elect a president who has the experience and temperament to carefully, thoughtfully and competently choose our next Supreme Court nominees.” 


Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, DNC Secretary
Donna Brazile, DNC Vice-Chair
Maria Elena Durazo, DNC Vice-Chair
Lottie Shackelford, DNC Women’s Caucus Chair
Virgie Rollins, DNC Black Caucus Chair
State Senator Iris Martinez, DNC Hispanic Caucus Chair
Bel Leong-Hong, DNC AAPI Caucus Chair
Earl Fowlkes, DNC LGBT Caucus Chair