DNC Statement on the 14th Anniversary of the Affordable Care Act

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison released the following statement to recognize the 14th anniversary of the signing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA):

“Fourteen years ago, President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Democrats in Congress passed the Affordable Care Act into law and ushered in one of the most consequential health care reforms in our nation’s history. Thanks to the ACA, millions of uninsured Americans and people with preexisting conditions have been able to receive affordable, accessible health care without having to choose between paying their medical bills or putting food on their tables. 

“Under President Biden and Vice President Harris, we’ve made incredible strides in expanding access to health care and thanks to their leadership, a record-breaking 21.3 million Americans enrolled in health insurance plans through the Affordable Care Act marketplace during the 2024 Open Enrollment Period. 

“We must remember: Trump was only one vote away from repealing the ACA when he was in office, and he’s campaigning on a promise to finish the job. If Trump gets his way, Americans with preexisting conditions could lose critical protections, prescription drug costs and premiums would go through the roof, and uninsured rates would skyrocket.

“The choice this November is between President Biden, who has bolstered the ACA to lower costs and expand access to health care, and Donald Trump, who is vowing to rig our health care system for special interest groups. Americans will vote this November like their health depends on it – because it does.”