DNC Statement on the Anniversary of the Uvalde School Shooting

On the anniversary of the shooting at Robb Elementary School, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison issued the following statement. 

“When you watch your child walk through their school’s front doors, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not they’ll come home. School should be a sanctuary for students, yet far too often, the safest place in the world — the classroom — becomes the most dangerous.

“Two years ago, twenty-one innocent souls — including nineteen children — were tragically murdered at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. On this solemn anniversary, our hearts go out to the victims’ families and the survivors who are suffering through something no parent, sibling, or friend should have to go through. The children and educators in Uvalde had so much more to offer the world and so much more life left to live. Enough is enough: We must act now to protect our students and teachers. 

“While President Biden has taken action by establishing the first White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention and implementing the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, MAGA Republicans have repeatedly blocked commonsense background checks and an assault weapons ban. They have consistently proven that when the chips are down, they will choose the NRA over the safety of our children and communities every time.  

“As we offer thoughts and prayers, we must also offer action. We must speak our words into action and implement gun control policies that save lives. President Biden and Democrats are ready to lead the charge. Every day we do not act is a day that our children’s lives are put in danger. It is well past the time for extreme Republicans to stand up to the gun lobby, stand up to Trump, and put our children first.”