DNC Statement on the Confirmation of Loretta Lynch

“It’s about time Senate Republicans finally came to the table and allowed a vote to confirm Loretta Lynch as our next attorney general.  Instead of working to ensure that our justice system serves its citizens to the best of its ability by swiftly confirming Lynch, Republicans chose to delay her confirmation for longer than any attorney general nominee in over three decades for purely political purposes.  As the president noted, this was embarrassing and it is a clear demonstration of what Republican leadership looks like.  Moving forward, Americans deserve leaders who will get things done for the American people, leaders like Loretta Lynch – not more of this obstructionist nonsense that we've seen from the likes of Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz; all of whom voted against her confirmation. And to be clear, it was bad enough that they held up her nomination and voted against this extraordinarily qualified first female African American attorney general, but to add insult to injury, the things that Republican presidential hopefuls said about her throughout this process were horrible, and completely uncalled for.” – Michael Tyler, DNC spokesperson

A quick reminder of some of the lowlights:

  • Rand Paul:  When asked about Lynch’s nomination, he responded, “Oh, she’s going down.”  Paul later called for 10,000 people to sign his petition to “Stop Loretta Lynch.”
  • Marco Rubio argued that her support for President Obama’s efforts to assist DREAMers “should disqualify her from being the next attorney general.”
  • Ted Cruz brazenly declared that “no senator who takes his or her oath of office seriously should vote to confirm such a nominee.”
  • Scott Walker believes that Loretta Lynch “is not fit to serve as the nation’s attorney general.”