DNC Statement on the Largest Seizure of Fentanyl in CBP History in Nogales, AZ

Western Region Press Secretary John Santos released the following statement in response to the Customs and Border Protection’s seizure of 254 pounds of fentanyl at the Mariposa Port of Entry in Nogales, AZ:


“The largest single seizure of fentanyl in Customs and Border Protection’s history at the port of entry in Nogales is further proof that President Trump is wrong about his wall. The vast majority of illicit drugs come across the border through ports of entry, and, despite Trump’s lies, would not be stopped by his wall. Sadly, the president was willing to shut down the government, forcing millions of workers and contractors to go without pay and costing the economy $11 billion, to build an ineffective and unnecessary wall rather than working towards bipartisan, effective border security solutions. While Trump threatens another government shutdown, Democrats will continue to fight for the American people and hold him accountable.”