DNC Statement On Today’s Supreme Court Ruling

Today, the Supreme Court ruled against vaccine requirements for private businesses. DNC spokesperson Ammar Moussa released the following statement:

“Today’s ruling does not change the fact that the best way to put this pandemic behind us and keep people safe is to get Americans vaccinated. Nor does it change the fact that it is Republican leaders, governors, senators, and House members who continue to dangerously undermine vaccines, elevate anti-vaxxers, and echo conspiracy theories on a daily basis to cater to a fringe, unvaccinated group. Thankfully, the American people elected President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Democrats who will continue to work tirelessly to get shots in arms, get people back to work, keep kids in schools, and ultimately put this pandemic behind us once and for all – regardless of Republicans’ best efforts to stand in the way.”

Republican leaders across the country have played politics with people’s lives and prioritized their political ambitions over keeping their constituents safe: 

  • Washington Post: “At least 5 GOP-led states offer jobless benefits to workers who refuse vaccines; others may follow”
  • New York Times: “The governor of Texas bars Covid vaccine mandates.”
  • Daily Beast: “Kristi Noem Still Doesn’t Understand How COVID and Vaccines Work”
  • MSNBC: “Ron Johnson tries to rope God into his bizarre take on vaccines”
  • NBC News: “DeSantis confirms as many as 1 million Covid tests expired in state stockpile”
  • Daily Beast: “DeSantis Blames Feds, Slams ‘Hysteria’ as Florida Shatters COVID Records”
  • Business Insider: “Texas Gov. Greg Abbott — who has opposed vaccine mandates — is now asking for federal help with COVID-19 testing and treatment”