DNC Statement on Trump Campaign Admitting to Voter Suppression

In response to a breaking AP story revealing leaked audio of a senior member of Trump’s campaign team in Wisconsin caught bragging on tape “that it’s always been Republicans suppressing votes in places” and that in the future their program will “go on offense” DNC Director of Voter Protection and Civic Engagement, Reyna Walters-Morgan released the following statement:

“Trump’s campaign can’t defend his broken promises, and they know voters despise his health care agenda that spikes costs and guts coverage protections for people with pre-existing conditions — so his campaign is employing the old Republican tactic of trying to stop voters from exercising their constitutional right to vote. It’s appalling but not surprising, which is why the DNC is making unprecedented investments into voter protection programs to ensure every legal voter has the opportunity to make their voices heard. If voters have concerns or questions, we encourage them to reach out to the permanent DNC Voter Assistance Hotline at 833-336-VOTE.”