DNC Statement on Trump Campaign’s 30 Field Staffers

WASHINGTON – DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz issued the following statement on news that the Trump Campaign estimates it has only about 30 paid staff on the ground across the country:

“It’s not surprising Donald Trump only has an estimated 30 people working in battleground states at this point because it must be tough to recruit people to support a candidate who bilked thousands of students out of tens of thousands of dollars at Trump University. ‎The name-calling, mudslinging and infighting that has defined the Republican primary has clearly had an impact. Now, even Speaker Paul Ryan has advised Republican candidates for Congress to do what they need to do, giving his blessing not to support Trump because he is clearly toxic in so many key districts.

“In the meantime, Democrats who have been excited about our candidates and their substantive campaigns are now fanning out across the country. Just recently media reportshave captured the panic setting in among Republicans in battleground states over the superior field operation they see Democrats building. We’ve already trained and mobilized hundreds of staffers in field, research, social media, and data analytics, with more on the way. We’ve built a tremendous advantage and we intend on keeping it that way. While Republican leaders struggle to support their own party’s presumptive nominee, we’ll be busy holding them accountable every single day until November 8th.”