DNC Statement on Trump’s Visit to Michigan

Ahead of Donald Trump’s visit to Michigan, DNC spokesperson Rhyan Lake released the following statement:

“Donald Trump spent four years making endless promises to Michiganders, but under his watch, auto companies shipped jobs overseas, leaving thousands of hardworking Michiganders jobless. While President Biden and Vice President Harris have delivered an American manufacturing boom, including thousands of new auto jobs in the Great Lakes state and across the country, Trump has only doubled down on his MAGA agenda and has promised to roll back President Biden and Democrats’ policies that have helped bring back hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs.”

Trump said if it were up to him, car companies could have been allowed to go bankrupt – a move that would’ve cost Michigan countless jobs.

Washington Post: “Asked if President Obama showed leadership in the 2008/2009 bailout of the major auto companies, Trump meandered through an answer that left him without a position. ‘You could have let it go, and rebuilt itself, through the free enterprise system,’ said Trump. ‘You could have let it go bankrupt, frankly, and rebuilt itself, and a lot of people felt it should happen.”

Detroit News: “Trump suggests moving some car production from Michigan”

Trump promised Michigan wouldn’t lose a single auto plant, but under his watch, General Motors shuttered their doors and auto companies laid off thousands of workers.

Detroit Free Press: “Trump, tweets couldn’t save U.S. auto jobs in 2017

MLive: “On the 2016 campaign trail in Warren, Trump pledged “you won’t lose one plant” if he were elected. GM announced last year it would end production at five North American plants.”

Trump said he would “end” tax credits for electric vehicles – an industry that has supercharged the economy with billions of dollars in investments and thousands of jobs.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “In his 90-minute speech, Trump said he would end federal tax credits and domestic manufacturing incentives for EVs at the center of President Joe Biden’s signature climate and health bill known as the Inflation Reduction Act.”

Meanwhile, the Biden-Harris administration’s economic agenda has created a historic manufacturing boom in America.

Yahoo: “Under President Biden, however, a manufacturing boom finally seems to be getting started. Since the beginning of 2022, construction spending on new factories has more than doubled, from an annualized rate of $91 billion in January 2022 to $189 billion in April 2023, the latest data available. That’s the biggest jump, by far, in data going back to 2002.”

The Hill: “A surge in manufacturing construction across the country is grabbing the attention of economists and workers on the ground as legislative efforts to reinvigorate the U.S. industrial base are bearing fruit.”