DNC Statement on Virginia Election Results

In response to Virginia Democrats’ victories tonight, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison released the following statement:

“Despite Glenn Youngkin’s attempts to take complete control of the state government and pass an extreme abortion ban, Virginia voters just sent a resounding message: they won’t allow MAGA extremists to rip away their freedoms. Virginia Democrats ran a smart, strategic campaign to tackle the issues working people care about – common-sense solutions that fund schools, lower costs, protect Virginians’ rights, and keep families safe – and made sure that every voter in every county knew what would happen if Glenn Youngkin and MAGA Republicans got the chance to force their dangerous agenda on the commonwealth. 

“This is a huge sign of Democrats’ continued momentum heading into 2024. With so much on the line, voters showed up at the ballot box and sent the GOP a stark warning – betting big on the MAGA agenda doesn’t fly with everyday Americans, and it will cost them once again in 2024.”