DNC Statement on White House Review of Election-Season Hacking

WASHINGTON – DNC Interim Chair Donna Brazile issued the following statement:

“I applaud President Barack Obama for ordering a full review of the Russian government’s interference in our election and hacking of the DNC and other Democratic entities and officials. Our Intelligence Community has already made it clear that Russia was responsible for weaponizing stolen information to influence the 2016 election, a revelation that should deeply trouble all Americans regardless of their political affiliation. This review will help us understand precisely what happened and how to ensure it never happens again. 

“National security should not and must not be a partisan issue. And yet, throughout the campaign, Republicans gleefully used the illegally obtained information from the hacks as political weapons. Worse still, Donald Trump continues to deny that Russia attempted to meddle with our electoral process and even cheered on their efforts to undermine our democracy. He called for more Russian cyber-espionage against his opponent, has a long history of business ties to Russia that could pose a serious conflict of interest risk, and continued his praise of Vladimir Putin while his government was conducting an unprecedented campaign to undermine our democracy. Republicans who like to claim they belong to the party of Reagan would be wise to join Democrats in holding Donald Trump accountable.

“The Democratic Party has taken significant steps to enhance our cyber security, and we will remain vigilant in the future to ensure that the private information of our supporters remains private. We look forward the outcome of the president’s review, and we urge Americans of all political beliefs to be wary of any future efforts by a foreign government to meddle in our free and fair elections.”