DNC Statement on Women’s History Month

In celebration of Women’s History Month, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison and DNC Women’s Caucus Chair Lottie Shackelford released the following statement: 

“During Women’s History Month, we reflect on and uplift the remarkable resilience and achievements of women throughout history. Whether it be the suffragettes pioneering women’s voting rights, LGBTQ+ women championing equality during Stonewall, or Black women spearheading the Civil Rights Movement, women have shaped our nation into what it is today. 

“As Donald Trump and extreme MAGA Republicans threaten reproductive freedoms, the Biden-Harris administration has made it a priority to advance women’s rights and protect women’s freedoms across the country. President Biden established the White House Gender Policy Council, reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act, and made history by appointing more women judges than any president before him – including Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. Unlike Trump, President Biden and Vice President Harris recognize that women’s rights are human rights and they will not allow MAGA extremists to turn back the clock on our centuries-long fight for equality and freedom. 

“As we commemorate Women’s History Month, let us celebrate the changemakers whose dedication to equity and equality changed the course of history forever. And we give thanks to the women in our lives, who have not only changed the world, but have shaped the lives of those around them. Let’s celebrate the immeasurable contributions of women while dedicating ourselves to achieving a better and brighter future for the next generation.”