DNC Statement on Yom Kippur

In observance of Yom Kippur, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison and co-chairs of the DNC’s Interfaith Council, Dr. Carla Brailey and Sarah Levin, released the following statement:

“Yom Kippur is an opportunity to draw clarity from the reflection of our year, of how we lived our values, served our families and our communities, and upheld hope in times of both triumph and trial. As Democrats, we join with Jewish Americans on this day, to self-reflect and live our lives with tikkun olam in mind, as we strive to build a country that is inclusive and welcoming for all.

“Let us continue to hold strong to our conviction that a world of justice and love is always worth fighting for and that it begins with ourselves and our communities. G’mar chatima tova to all those who celebrate Yom Kippur, we wish you an easy fast and the clarity to find peace in the coming year.”