DNC Statement One Year After January 6 Attack On The Capitol

Today, as we remember the lives lost as a result of the violence at the Capitol on January 6, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison released the following statement:

“Today is a solemn day. One year ago, we witnessed a violent assault on the Capitol building and the foundation of our nation’s democracy. Many of us, myself included, continue to struggle with the horrors and shocking images we witnessed as we strive to heal as a nation. 

“The events on January 6 of last year shook me to my very core. I experienced a range of emotions that day – joy, fear, despair, and anger. I was joyful because I knew the world would see the great American experiment work once again, the certification of a presidential election, and the beginning of a peaceful transition of power. Throughout our history, even during times of war and civil unrest, America has always been able to peacefully transition power. But last year, we witnessed a nightmare, an assault on the symbol of American democracy – our nation’s Capitol. And in the aftermath, we continue to witness countless members of Congress betray and break their constitutional oaths to protect and defend our democracy. 

“The experience of the past year has shown that we cannot sit idly by and allow the events of January 6 to be whitewashed and rewritten. We must show up every day and ensure that our nation never forgets the truth of what happened. This was a direct attack fueled by hatred, enabled by the former president, and perpetuated by lies. It was an assault on one of Americans’ most fundamental freedoms – the right to have your vote counted in a free and fair election – and we vow never to forget. 

“Today we honor our democracy, and we promise to defend it against any threats, no matter what form they may come in. President Biden has often spoken about the struggle for American democracy, and he is right: the project of our democracy is an ongoing struggle to live up to our highest ideals and heal the wounds of the past. Eighty-one million Americans elected President Biden, and today is a reminder that with their votes they chose hope over division, freedom over fear, and democracy over autocracy. 

“Today we remember the lives lost and honor the brave heroes who stood up in the face of anger and chaos to protect the Capitol, the people in it, and our democracy. We remember the law enforcement who risked their lives to protect hundreds of innocent people, many of whom are still struggling with the injuries and trauma from January 6. We honor those lawmakers who refused to let an angry and violent mob prevent them from doing the work of democracy. 

“On this day, the first anniversary of January 6, we pray for all those who were affected, and commit ourselves to continue the fight to secure and strengthen our democracy, defend the rule of law, protect the right to vote for all, and to hold all those who perpetrated and continue to promulgate this attack on American democracy accountable.”