DNC STATEMENT: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Caught Lying About Voting Address

Today, the NY Post released a story exposing how Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has voted for years from an address in New York state that is currently in foreclosure and where neighbors and local law enforcement have never seen him. This revelation comes on the heels of learning RFK Jr. failed to disclose he had a brain worm until he was confronted with it and his delay in filing his financial disclosure form. In response, DNC Senior Advisor Mary Beth Cahill said the following:

“The more we learn about RFK Jr, the more questions we have. While he touts his physical fitness on the campaign trail, the New York Times reported that he had cognitive damage from mercury poisoning and that a parasite had eaten portions of his brain. Like Donald Trump, he has yet to file his latest financial disclosure form or release his tax returns. And now we learn he’s voted from an address in New York state despite living across the country in California for years. The only thing we know for sure about RFK Jr. is that his candidacy is a spoiler for Donald Trump.”

ICYMI: The New York Post: RFK Jr. lists voting address at Westchester home — that’s in foreclosure and neighbors have never seen him

By: Carl Campanile and Khristina Narizhnaya

  • Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. lists his residence to vote as a tony Westchester County address — which is in foreclosure proceedings for non-payment, court records show.
  • The independent candidate claims his voting address is 84 Croton Lake Road In Katonah, though he is not the owner of the million-dollar property-in-arrears, does not show up in resident searches for it, and some longtime neighbors — and even local authorities — were shocked at the notion it’s his home.
  • But RFK Jr. also has the same address listed as his “domicile” — or residence — on his presidential nomination petitions filed in New Hampshire in recent months, according to the records, which were obtained by The Post.
  • A review of voting records show RFK Jr. voted in primary and/or general elections using that New York address as recently as 2020 — and in 2018, 2016, 2014, 2013, 2011, 2010 and 2008. 
  • He voted by mail during the COVID-outbreak using the Croton Lake address, too.