DNC to Bring the Seat at the Table Tour to Maryland

Ahead of National Voter Registration Day, this weekend members of the Democratic National Committee, in partnership with Maryland Black women community leaders and activists, will bring the Seat at the Table tour to Prince George’s County. The Seat at the Table tour is a listening and training tour for Black women, led by the DNC, women of the Congressional Black Caucus, the Congressional Black Caucus PAC, and Black women elected officials.


This weekend, local community leaders and activists will come together to discuss organizing and engagement strategies to elect Democrats up and down the ticket in Maryland in November, including gubernatorial nominee Ben Jealous and Prince George’s County Executive nominee Angela Alsobrooks.


“The DNC’s Seat at the Table Tour demonstrates the Democratic Party’s commitment to engaging Black women beyond just asking for their vote, by equipping them with tools to remain active in their own communities,” said Maryland DNC Member Yvette Lewis. “When we use the term ‘Seat at the Table,’ we’re referring to our opportunity to create an inclusive environment for Black women to engage in meaningful and thoughtful dialogue with the Democratic Party about their priorities. I’m thrilled that the tour will be stopping in my home state this weekend, and that Maryland’s Black women community leaders will have this opportunity to come together and organize to elect Democrats in our state this November.”  

“We’re excited to bring the DNC’s Seat at the Table tour to Maryland, where we can continue our ongoing mission of reaching out to the Black women who have always been crucial to the success of the Democratic Party,” said DNC Director of African-American Outreach Waikinya Clanton. “We know that words and promises aren’t enough when we’re talking about supporting Black women. That’s exactly why we started this tour, that’s why we’ve been investing in Black communities across the country, and that’s why we will continue our efforts to build the political infrastructure Black women need to win elections.”


Seat At The Table is a Black women-led effort to meaningfully engage and organize with Black women across the country. Through the tour, the DNC hopes to organize with Black women, rebuild trust and relationships, and strengthen and mobilize the infrastructure, especially within targeted communities.