DNC Veterans and Military Families Council on Trump’s Call with Putin

DNC Veterans and Military Families Council Chair, former U.S. Navy Lt. Jan Donatelli and Vice Chairs former U.S. Army CPT Terron Sims, former U.S. Navy  Leo Cruz and  former U.S. Marine Sgt. Rodrigo Garcia released the following statement: 

“The job of every president is to lead and stand up for the American people. That’s why Trump’s call yesterday with Vladimir Putin is so disturbing. He had an opportunity to discuss Russia placing bounties on US military personnel in Afghanistan, to fight for our heroes in uniform who fight for us every day – but he did not. Donald Trump’s failure to stand up for American service members is unconscionable. In challenging times, America needs a president who is loyal to our troops and bound by the oath he swore. One who is fully dedicated to the betterment of our country. America needs Joe Biden.”