DNC Veterans & Military Families Council on Trump’s NDAA Veto Threat

In response to the White House issuing a formal threat to veto the National Defense Authorization Act, DNC Veterans and Military Families Council Chair, former U.S. Navy Lt. Jan Donatelli and Vice Chairs former U.S. Army CPT Terron Sims, former U.S. Navy veteran Leo Cruz  and  former U.S. Marine Sgt. Rodrigo Garcia released the following statement:

“Trump’s threat to block military funding and pay raises for service members, all so he can protect the legacy of Confederate generals, is just his latest attempt to fan the flames of hate in our country. Trump says he loves the military but it turns out he loves Confederate traitors who killed thousands of American soldiers even more. It’s time for Trump to listen to top military officials, a bipartisan group of lawmakers, and the majority of the American people who support funding our military, including updating the names of bases across the country. ”