The DNC War Room today released a television ad, “Wolves,” that reveals how Trump’s mismanagement of coronavirus failed the very people who are most vulnerable to its outbreak: America’s seniors. When the coronavirus hit, Trump threw America to the wolves.

Trump deceived seniors on the risk of coronavirus, jeopardizing their health. He ignored experts, repeatedly claimed that the virus would “disappear,” and rushed to reopen the country without the necessary safety measures — all for his own political gain. Now, as coronavirus cases surge in states across the country, older Americans have accounted for 80% of deaths and a disproportionate number of hospitalizations. 

“America’s seniors raised us. They fought for our country, and they worked to build us a better future. But when experts warned that coronavirus would hit older Americans the hardest, Trump refused to listen. He didn’t care — in fact, he pushed to open our country without the necessary safety measures, jeopardizing their health, because he thought it would help his reelection.

“Now, approximately 100,000 of our country’s seniors have lost their lives to the coronavirus. Thousands more have been hospitalized, and even those who have avoided the virus have been forced to isolate, preventing them from hugging their children and grandchildren. And it’s all because of Trump’s failure of leadership. It didn’t have to be this bad. Seniors need leadership from the White House to navigate this crisis. They need Joe Biden,” said DNC Chair Tom Perez.