DNC, Wisconsin AG Blast Trump and Wisconsin Republicans Ahead of Waukesha Rally

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul and DNC Executive Director Sam Cornale, a Wisconsin native, called out Donald Trump and the extremist Wisconsin Republicans he has endorsed ahead of his speech in Waukesha tonight.

During the press call, speakers blasted the defeated former president and Wisconsin Republicans like Tim Michels for spreading blatant misinformation about the 2020 election and pushing an extreme, ultra-MAGA agenda that would criminalize abortion without exceptions.


“Today, Donald Trump is descending on the Badger State — bringing with him his very different brand of extreme MAGA politics… MAGA Republicans control the party, and that’s why you’ll see Trump take the stage with an extreme lineup of candidates tonight including Tim Michels and insurrectionist Derrick Van Orden,” DNC Executive Director Sam Cornale said. “These MAGA candidates are hellbent on taking away Wisconsinites’ freedoms… Wisconsinites know that there’s a clear choice in November — between Democrats who are fighting for your freedoms and the Republicans who want to take your freedoms away.”

“The Republican Party has continued to embrace Donald Trump as its leader,” said Attorney General Josh Kaul. “There’s a clear choice between Democrats, who have delivered real results for working families… and what Republicans are offering: The only results that Republicans delivered during Donald Trump’s time in office were tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans… and they have delivered a Supreme Court that has imposed a radical agenda, taking away nearly 50 years of protections for safe and legal abortion — here in Wisconsin and around the country… Donald Trump being in Wisconsin today is a reminder of how extreme the Republican Party in Wisconsin has become and of the importance of winning in 2022.”