DNCC and Chicago Labor Unions Sign Historic Labor Peace Agreement for 2024 Democratic National Convention

Yesterday, earlier than ever before, the DNCC, convention host committee, Chicago Federation of Labor, and individual labor unions signed a historic labor peace agreement for the 2024 Democratic National Convention. Traditionally, the labor agreement has been narrowly tailored to the convention arena, but for the first time it will also apply to the hotel workers as well. 

President Biden is the most pro-union and pro-worker president in history. From day one, the Biden-Harris administration has worked tirelessly to secure victories for unions and for workers as an integral part of its economic agenda. 

See excerpts of coverage on the historic labor peace agreement below: 

Chicago Tribune: Democrats gather with union leaders for convention labor agreement
[John Byrne, 7/25/23]


Harrison also trumpeted the labor bona fides of President Joe Biden, who along with Vice President Kamala Harris is expected to be renominated at next year’s convention.

“The Democratic Party is the party of labor, and President Biden is the most pro-union president, pro-worker president in American history,” Harrison said.


Chicago Sun-Times: Pritzker planning for ‘best and biggest’ DNC convention ever in 2024
[Stefano Esposito, 7/25/23]  


“The labor movement and union workers, and workers in general, are the backbone of our city. And our convention will put that on full display for the entire world to see,” Johnson said. “This labor agreement means we’ll have a union-made convention that will nominate a pro-union president.”


The pact covers the United Center, where Biden and Harris will be nominated for a second term, and the McCormick Place complex. What is new is that for the first time, the no-strike deal will also apply to the union workers at the official convention hotels.

“From airports to hotels to the convention floor, union workers are going to make the 2024 DOC the best convention in modern history,” Reiter said.


Chicago Business: DNC organizers sign labor peace deal for 2024 convention
[Leigh Giangreco, 7/25/23]


“It sets out the framework for dealing with working conditions and any disputes that we have,” said Chicago Federation of Labor President Bob Reiter, who noted that specific working conditions under the agreement will need to be addressed later.


“This is historic,” Democratic National Committee Chair Jaime Harrison said during a press conference at McCormick Place on Tuesday. “(It’s) the fastest that we’ve ever done this type of agreement with the DNC.”


“My union card is still alive and well,” Johnson said at the press conference. The mayor added that the agreement would provide good jobs for communities across the city, making a point to single out communities like Garfield Park and Humboldt Park. But when pressed on what language within the agreement would ensure that residents of Chicago’s South and West sides would get a slice of the convention, Johnson did not dive into details.


The Messenger: Democrats, Unions Sign No Strike Pledge Ahead of Chicago Convention
[Dan Merica, 7/25/23] 


“With President Biden and Chair Harrison’s partnership, we didn’t just get a strong, comprehensive Labor Peace Agreement done for the upcoming Democratic National Convention, we got it done earlier than any convention in recent memory,” said Bob Reiter, Chicago Federation of Labor President. “The Chicago labor movement can’t wait to welcome the DNC to our beautiful city next year.”

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison said the agreement is “more expansive than in years past and comes earlier in the process than ever before.” Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson heralded the city as a “union town, and our convention will put that on display for the whole world to see.” And Illinois Governor JB Pritzker said Tuesday’s “signing of the 2024 convention labor agreement is yet another example of how we put our workers first.”


Biden has touted himself as the most pro-union president in recent history and has received considerable union support in the early months of his campaign.


CBS 2 News | Chicago: City, state leaders join DNC in signing ‘Labor Peace Agreement’


“Chicago is the hometown of the American labor movement. Our members are hardworking, talented, and resilient, and they stand up for themselves and their families. And today, the DNC is standing with them,” said Bob Reiter, Chicago Federation of Labor President.

“Unions and labor are the engines behind the city, and they’ll also be the driving force, helping us to put on a very successful convention next year,” added DNC Chair Jaime Harrison.

The DNC chair said this is the fastest-ever completed agreement with labor unions.

FOX 32: Democratic National Convention 2024: City of Chicago comes to agreement with local labor unions
[Scott Schneider, 7/25/23]


At today’s signing, Governor J.B. Pritzker called the early collaboration in the planning process “truly unprecedented.” As part of the agreement the city of Chicago and the DNC have reached an accord with nearly a dozen labor unions, including but not limited to, the Teamsters, the SEIU, and hotel workers all of which have agreed not to strike provided their terms are met.

“This will be a convention that is of by and for union workers. Not only that, this labor agreement will provide good paying jobs in communities across the city as we work to re-route the rivers of places where there’s been dry land and those who are thirsty will no longer have to thirst,” said Mayor Brandon Johnson.


Rob Reiter, President of Chicago’s Federation of Labor, credited the city’s rich union history with the early signing.
“Chicago’s labor movement comes to every table ready to get a deal done for our members and that’s exactly what we’ve done here,” Reiter said.


ABC 7: Chicago DNC: Labor unions promise not to strike during next year’s Democratic National Convention
[Andrew Adams, 7/25/23]


On Tuesday, Pritzker touted Illinois’ record on labor as a key reason that the DNC was coming to Chicago, a city that Reiter called the “hometown of the American labor movement.”

“Illinois is one of the most pro-worker states in the country, guaranteeing paid leave for all, making collective bargaining a constitutional right, creating well-paying jobs by growing our economy and raising the minimum wage to a living wage,” Pritzker said.


Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, himself a longtime organizer with the progressive Chicago Teachers Union, committed to using the convention to bolster economic development in communities that have historically faced disinvestment.

“No one on this stage has a greater incentive for economic development to occur in those communities that have been dried out for some time, as someone who is raising their family in one of them,” Johnson said.


WANDTV: Illinois Democrats, union leaders sign labor agreement for 2024 DNC
[Mike Miletich, 7/25/23]


“This is the best city in America,” Pritzker said. “And honestly, people know how to work together to get something big done like this.”

The DNC labor agreement includes ten unions, from the Teamsters and SEIU to electrical workers and hotel employees. Johnson said the agreement will provide good-paying jobs in communities across the Windy City.

“Understanding the history of Black liberation through the lens of unionism, Chicago is profoundly connected to that,” Johnson explained.

While the vast majority of time will be spent at the United Center and McCormick Place, DNC leaders noted that they picked Chicago due to strong union support. This is also the fastest the DNC has been able to reach an agreement with labor groups.


Johnson said he is excited to welcome President Joe Biden and other top Democrats to see what the diverse Chicago workforce can deliver.

“So, the lessons that we’re learning here is that the neighborhoods that have experienced disinvestment are also the neighborhoods who understand the value and beauty of being tied to the labor movement,” Johnson added.


“From the airports to the hotels to the convention floor, union workers are going to make the 2024 DNC the best convention in modern history,” said Chicago Federation of Labor President Bob Reiter. “Chicago’s labor movement comes to every table ready to get a deal done for our members and that’s exactly what we did here.” 


@DemConvention: DNC Chair @HarrisonJaime: “The Democratic Party is the party of labor.” 👏[WATCH]

@DemConvention: .@HarrisonJaime, @JBPritzker, @ChicagosMayor, and @ChicagoLabor signed a historic labor agreement for the 2024 Democratic National Convention—earlier than ever before. Unions will be a driving force behind our convention next year. 💪🙌 [PHOTOS]

@harrisonjaime: Honored to be in Chicago to sign a historic labor peace agreement for the 2024 Democratic National Convention.

As the party of labor, we’re deeply grateful for the unions that will be partnering with us to renominate the most pro-union president in history, 
@JoeBiden  [IMAGE]

@ChicagosMayor: Chicago is ready to show the world why we are the best city to host the 2024 Democratic National Convention! Today we took an important step forward by convening DNC leadership, along with state leaders and labor partners, to officially sign the labor agreement for #DNC2024. [IMAGE]

@jake____lewis: HAPPENING NOW: Chicago labor leaders, @TheDemocrats  sign #DNC2024 Labor Peace Agreement

@chicagolabor Pres. @BobReiterJr: “From the airports to the hotels to the convention floor, union workers are going to make the 2024 DNC the best convention in modern history.” [IMAGE]

@SEIULocal1: OFFICIAL: SEIU Local 1 and other Chicago unions sign a Labor Peace Agreement promising not to strike during the @DNC Convention next year. 

Local 1 and the entire labor movement is thrilled to welcome the @DNC to Chicago! 🏙️ [IMAGE]

@BenSzalinski: We’re less than 13 months away from the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Today @harrisonjaime, @ChicagosMayor and @JBPritzker are joining union leaders to announce a labor agreement for 2024 convention work #twill  [IMAGE]

@chicagolabor: Today, the CFL was proud to bring together unions, @harrisonjaime, @GovPritzker, and @ChicagosMayor to sign Labor Peace Agreement for the #DNC2024!

Next year’s Democratic convention will be the best in history — and it will be delivered start to finish by union members! [IMAGE]