Doesn’t DeSantis Have Anything Better To Do?

Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis spent his weekend stumping for Trump-endorsed MAGA extremists Kari Lake and Blake Masters in Arizona this weekend, leaving Floridians behind as he hit the road to promote his extreme agenda.

Apparently, DeSantis has nothing better to do with his time besides campaign for Trump-endorsed extremists like Lake, a straight-up election denier, and Masters, who has called for a national abortion ban. 

NBC News: “Kari Lake, Trump-backed election denier, wins GOP primary in Arizona governor’s race”

HuffPost: “GOP Senate Candidate Blake Masters Embraces National Abortion Ban”

Let’s not forget: DeSantis has repeatedly failed to deliver for Floridians. He was the only governor in the country who refused to pre-order COVID-19 vaccines for children ages five and under — leaving parents scrambling to find shots for their kids.

Washington Post: “Kids’ coronavirus vaccines are hard to find in Fla. Many blame DeSantis.”

Floridians aren’t just struggling with a vaccine shortage; the state is also facing skyrocketing housing prices and unaffordable health care costs. Yet instead of serving his constituents, DeSantis spent his time jetsetting to the other side of the country.

CBS News: “Florida is the least affordable place to live in the U.S.”

Spectrum News 13: “Studies show Florida hospital bills rank among the highest in the nation”

DeSantis is so wildly out of touch with the people of Florida that swing voters think he is too extreme to govern.

Axios: “Florida swing voters view Ron DeSantis as too extreme”

Make no mistake — Ron DeSantis is running away from his problems back home as he aligns himself with pro-Trump candidates in Arizona, New Mexico and beyond. DeSantis is no different than Donald Trump: Dangerous, extreme, and out of touch.