Donald Ducks Makes His Debut, Calls on Trump to Release His Taxes

NEW YORK – This morning, Donald Ducks made his official debut in front of Trump Tower, where he called on Donald Trump to stop ducking and release his tax returns.
“What is he trying to hide? Is it because he’s not as rich as he says? Is it because he doesn’t donate to charity like he says? Is it because he doesn’t pay any taxes? Is it because he has foreign investments that could compromise national security? Whatever it is – it’s no excuse. Donald Trump should stop ducking and release his tax returns to the American people,” said Mr. Ducks.
Later today, Donald Ducks will be in Charlotte, North Carolina, and will continue to trail Trump and his running mate until Trump finally releases his tax returns – the way nominees from both parties have done for the last 40 years.


DNC launches ‘Donald Ducks’ mascot to make Trump release his tax returns
The DNC on Thursday introduced a mascot for the 2016 campaign in front of Trump Tower. In an effort to force Donald Trump to release his tax returns, the DNC has created “Donald Ducks.” The mascot will follow the Republican nominee and his running mate around the country until Trump releases his tax returns.
Clinton releases ad focused on Trump's tax returns

Meanwhile, the Democratic National Committee announced Thursday it would be sending “Donald ducks” to a series of Trump events. The duck went to Trump Tower on Thursday and will be at Trump rallies in the following days.
In a release, the DNC said the character was set to call out Trump for “constant ducking on his taxes.”