Donald Trump Got Played By China — Mike Pompeo Can’t Spin That Failure With A Photo Op

Ahead of Mike Pompeo’s photo op in California today, Democratic National Committee spokesperson John Weber released the following statement:

“Pompeo can’t spin his boss’ incompetence with a photo op. From starting and losing a disastrous trade war to groveling for reelection help, Donald Trump has always failed to stand up to China. Now, working families across the country are paying the price for his broken promises. It’s no wonder Trump told President Xi that Democrats would be tougher — he knows he’s not up to the job. ”


Promise: “China will come to the table. They will give us everything we want. That won’t even be a hard negotiation.” [Trump Press Conference, 5/15/2015]

Promise: “We will have better relationships with China. They’ll respect us. They don’t respect us now. They think we’re the dumbest people on Earth, led by the world’s dumbest people.” [Trump Campaign Speech, 3/3/2016]