Donald Trump: Liar-in-Chief

‘Donald Trump lies. A lot.’ From health care and other policies to even the most verifiable facts, there is nothing Trump won’t lie about. His lies matter and we are starting to see how, as his agenda has stalled and his own administration has begun to turn against him. 62% of Americans agree that Trump is not honest. Americans don’t want a Liar-in-Chief, and they know they deserve better.

New York Times: Many Politicians Lie. But Trump Has Elevated the Art of Fabrication.

“President Trump, historians and consultants in both political parties agree, appears to have taken what the writer Hannah Arendt once called ‘the conflict between truth and politics’ to an entirely new level.”

Washington Post: Here’s a sword, General Kelly. Use it on the White House lies.

“But now, as Trump’s new chief of staff, Kelly needs a few weapons of his own — not so much to control wayward reporters but to bring discipline to a White House that often seems uncontrollable, especially when it comes to telling untruths.”

Boston Globe: Trump’s Cycle of Lies

“Donald Trump’s administration has an estranged relationship with the truth, so much so that even his most ardent defenders think the daily struggle against objective reality is keeping him from achieving his goals.”

Charlotte Observer: Trump’s lies matter, and we’re starting to see how

Donald Trump lies. A lot. This isn’t fake news, but it is old news. Yet here we are, a little more than six months into his presidency, and his fibs are real news once again.”

Washington Post: President Trump’s claim of Obamacare ‘bailouts’ for insurance companies

“President Trump is misusing the term ‘bailout.’ Insurance companies don’t make money through cost-sharing — they are being paid back for money they’ve already spent on behalf of people who purchased their health plans. The president either doesn’t understand the process or is being purposely misleading. He earns Four Pinocchios.”

CNBC: As the lies and contradictions mount, federal officials are deciding to simply ignore Trump

“As stunning as that sounds, fresh evidence arrives every day of the government treating the man elected to lead it as someone talking mostly to himself.”