Donald Trump Meets With MAGA Extremists of House Freedom Caucus

Today, Donald Trump is meeting with his ardent backers and the most extreme wing of the Republican Party. Kevin McCarthy and Republicans are once again reminding America that, in their desperate bid for power, they have sold out their party to conspiracy theorists, white supremacist sympathizers, and election deniers. 

Make no mistake, if Republicans take control in November, these MAGA extremists will be the ones running the show.

CNN: “‘They look like a bunch of clowns’: Freedom Caucus hardball antics irritate both parties”

The Hill: “Several Freedom Caucus members have come under scrutiny by the Jan. 6 committee, which issued subpoenas last month to Perry, Biggs, and Reps. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Mo Brooks (R-Ala.).”

Politico: “But the Freedom Caucus is known for exerting its leverage to push Republican leadership to the right – if not outright tanking legislative efforts. The narrower the GOP majority next year, the more power that the pro-Trump group may have to disrupt.”

Kevin McCarthy has already made it clear that defeated former President Donald Trump and his MAGA extremism controls his caucus.

Mother Jones: “Kevin McCarthy Sided With Trump After January 6. Trump Just Rewarded Him.”
CNN: “Donald Trump has Kevin McCarthy right where he wants him”