Donald Trump’s Campaigning for a Man Who Wants to Ban Plan B

Donald Trump is headlining a telerally on behalf of noted anti-choice extremist and vocal election denier Matt DePerno today – reminding voters of the extreme MAGA company that Trump keeps in his circle.

During Matt DePerno’s failed run for attorney general, he said Plan B should be banned in Michigan and compared it to fentanyl.

Matt DePerno: “You have to stop it at the border; it’d be no different than like fentanyl.”

Matt DePerno: “The state has to ban it, and it should be banned.”

Detroit Free Press: “Plan B, or levonorgestrel, is a hormone considered safe for helping to prevent pregnancy after intercourse by preventing or delaying ovulation. Since it doesn’t cause miscarriage or abortion, it is considered contraception… This is not the first time DePerno has appeared to attack access to contraception.”

DePerno is also a flagrant election denier, continues to spread lies about the election process, and is even under investigation over allegedly acting on his conspiracy theories.

NPR: “DePerno — who has pushed former President Donald Trump’s false claims of widespread election fraud — has slammed the probe, which is now led by a special prosecutor. But it leaves him running to lead the agency that could indict him.”

New York Times: “Michigan G.O.P. Lining Up Behind Conspiracy Theorist for Attorney General”

CNN: “His relentless efforts have landed him at the center of an investigation by a Michigan special prosecutor into whether DePerno and eight others illegally tampered with voting machines in the state. And still, as the Republican nominee to become Michigan’s attorney general, DePerno continues to sow doubts about the reliability of voting machines and the election process among voters – and among local government officials who’ll play a role in certifying this November’s election results in their towns and counties.”