Donald Trump’s Stranglehold on The Republican Party Isn’t Going Away

Make no mistake: Donald Trump and his MAGA policies aren’t fading away. The Republican Party’s actions speak much louder than their half-hearted attempts to distance themselves from Trump’s policies. The defeated former president has a chokehold on the GOP and it’s not loosening anytime soon. 

Kevin McCarthy debased himself to appease Trump even after he incited a riot on the Capitol, and then only further demonstrated the strength of Trump’s stranglehold as he once again rolled over to appease Trump. 

CNN: “Three people close to Trump said his comments to the Journal aligned with what he has said privately about McCarthy, though they added that the episode has left the former President feeling as though he has more power over the top House Republican than ever before — and they expect him to cash in with several demands if the GOP retakes the House this November and McCarthy wants Trump’s support in a bid for Speaker.” 

CNN: “’He has Trump’s loyalty, and Trump believes that he has an even stronger hold on McCarthy now,’ said one of the people close to Trump.”

Washington Post: “Trump’s public support was the most crucial piece of McCarthy’s effort, with the president publicly forgiving McCarthy for initially calling for his censure and saying he had a responsibility for the attack…People close to Trump, however, say the former president also sees the controversy as increasing his leverage over the would-be House speaker.”

And the entire House Republican caucus fell right in line, applauding McCarthy for siding with the MAGA Republicans and refusing to stand up to Trump.

Rolling Stone: “Republicans Give Kevin McCarthy Standing Ovation for Failing to Take a Stand Against Trump After Jan. 6”

Then there is RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel, who  isn’t even pretending Trump doesn’t have total control over the party, as she’s been touting his recent endorsements despite promises of neutrality.

Ronna McDaniel: “President Trump’s endorsement is highly sought after by Republicans and you just saw with J.D. Vance, when he gives that endorsement, they jump ahead in races. Ted Budd is another example, Dr. Oz is another example. And that’s why you’re seeing this big line at Mar-a-Lago for those endorsements.”

Detroit Free Press: “Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel on Tuesday said it’s a good thing that she’s prohibited from endorsing candidates ahead of states selecting their nominees — even if former President Donald Trump continues to do so.”