DONALD TRUMP’S WILD WEST WOES: DNC Billboards in Phoenix, Las Vegas Slam Convicted Crook as Unfit to Lead

This past week, the Democratic National Committee slammed Donald Trump as unfit to lead as he held his first post-conviction campaign events in Phoenix and Las Vegas with billboard campaigns welcoming him to the cities.

As Trump spread more lies about his record as president and fanned the flames of hatred and division, voters were reminded of his quest for revenge and retribution and how he ripped off working families while looking out only for himself.

“As he returned to the campaign trail after weeks of absence, Donald Trump’s wild west campaign tour was an abject failure as he desperately tried to paper over his disastrous record. Voters in Nevada and Arizona saw him for exactly who he is: a criminal who ripped them off during his presidency,” said DNC Spokesperson Abhi Rahman. “As Trump continues his campaign of retribution and pushes a dangerous economic agenda economists warn will ‘spike’ prices and leave working families in the dust, voters will remember him as a good-for-nothing, white-collar crook that is only looking out for himself and his billionaire donors. Arizonans and Nevadans know that Trump is unfit for office, and they’ll reject him at the ballot box once again this November.”

Take a look at some of the coverage: 


MSNBC: “The DNC is going on the attack… just right now, in the battleground state of Arizona, they launched a billboard campaign in Phoenix. It reads… ‘Trump already attacked Arizona’s Democracy once. Now he’s back as a convicted felon.’ It’s the first time we’ve seen them lean into that phrase.”

CBS News: DNC to unveil new billboard calling Trump a “convicted felon”

[Olivia Rinaldi, 06/06/24]

“The Democratic National Committee is sharpening its attacks against former President Donald Trump, preparing for the first time to unveil a new political advertisement which will refer to Trump as a ‘convicted felon’ after a Manhattan jury last week found Trump guilty of 34 counts of falsifying business records in his ‘hush money’ trial. 

“The move from the DNC will be unveiled Thursday in the form of a billboard near Trump’s scheduled campaign event in Phoenix, Arizona, CBS News has learned. Trump will be participating in a town-hall style conversation with Turning Point Action CEO Charlie Kirk, marking Trump’s first official campaign stop since the verdict came down. 

“The billboard, which has an English and Spanish version, reads: ‘Trump already attacked Arizona’s Democracy once. Now he’s back as a convicted felon. He’s out for revenge and retribution. Trump. Unfit to Serve.’ 

“It is the first time the DNC is using the language ‘convicted felon’ in paid advertising since the Manhattan criminal trial. 

“‘If Trump, now a convicted felon, wins in November, he pledges to be a dictator ‘on day one’ in order to implement his agenda of revenge and retribution: stoking political violence while attacking Arizonans’ reproductive and democratic rights,’ said Abhi Rahman, deputy communications director for the DNC.”

Axios: Scoop: DNC billboard tags Trump as “convicted felon”

[Stef W. Kight and Hans Nichols, 06/06/24]

“The Democratic National Committee is escalating its attacks on former President Trump as a ‘convicted felon,’ with a billboard that will greet him outside of Phoenix today when he attends his first post-conviction event there, Axios has learned.

Why it matters: It’s the DNC’s first paid ad using ‘convicted felon’ — and another clear indication that Biden’s campaign will seize upon Trump’s criminal conviction in framing voters’ choice in the Nov. 5 election.

Forbes: Biden And Top Democrats Call Trump A ‘Convicted Felon’ At Least 24 Times Since Verdict

[Sara Dorn, 06/07/24]

“President Joe Biden, his campaign and prominent Democrats have increasingly used the term ‘convicted felon’ to refer to former President Donald Trump since his historic conviction in Manhattan last Thursday — a label the Biden-Harris campaign gave Trump moments after the guilty verdict.

“The Democratic National Committee ran billboards in Phoenix ahead of Trump’s rally there on Thursday, labeling him a ‘convicted felon’ who is ‘out for revenge and retribution,’ and accusing him of having ‘already attacked Arizona’s democracy once,’ a reference to his unfounded claims of election fraud and alleged role in a ‘fake electors’ scheme in the state.”

Washington Examiner: DNC launches first billboard blasting Trump as a ‘convicted felon’

[Mabinty Quarshie, 06/06/24]

“The Democratic National Committee unveiled a new billboard campaign in Arizona, a key battleground state, labeling former President Donald Trump a ‘convicted felon’ following a guilty verdict during his New York hush money trial last week.

“The English and Spanish billboards will be displayed in Phoenix, where Trump is set to hold a town hall with Turning Point Action CEO Charlie Kirk later Thursday afternoon.

“The event marks the former president’s first campaign stop since a 12-member Manhattan jury found that Trump falsified business records related to an alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels ahead of the 2016 election.

“It’s also the first time the DNC is launching a paid advertisement playing up Trump’s status as a felon.”

Meidas Touch: DNC Unveils ‘Convicted Felon’ Billboard Near Trump Rally

[Troy Matthews, 06/06/24]

“The Democratic National Committee unveiled their first paid advertising calling out Trump for being a convicted felon Thursday, and they put it only miles from a Trump campaign rally.

“The billboard, paid for by the DNC, says ‘Trump already attacked Arizona’s democracy once. Now he’s back as a convicted felon. He’s out for revenge and retribution. Trump: unfit to serve.’”

The Copper Courier: ‘Convicted felon’ billboard welcomes Trump back to Arizona

[Camaron Stevenson, 06/06/24]

“Typically, political attack ads labeling candidates as crooks and criminals are little more than fictitious mudslinging — but when a criminal conviction is on the books, all bets are off.

“Such is the case with a new billboard unveiled in Phoenix Thursday morning. The Democratic National Committee put it out on the day former President Donald Trump makes his first visit to Arizona in nearly two years.

“‘Trump already attacked Arizona’s democracy once,’ the billboard reads. ‘Now he’s back as a convicted felon.’

“The sign references two pivotal moments in US history: the first, when the Trump campaign allegedly conspired with Republicans in Arizona and several other states to take votes that went to Joe Biden in 2020 and give them to Trump — known as the fake elector scheme — and the second, when Trump was found guilty on 34 felony counts in New York last month. The former president’s visit to Arizona rests between this ruling and his sentencing — which could include a prison sentence of up to four years — scheduled for July 11.”


MSNBC: “…While Trump avoided referencing his conviction in Las Vegas, Democrats didn’t. The DNC installed a billboard near the rally location that said, ‘Trump was a disaster for Nevada’s economy. Now he’s back.’ They called him ‘a convicted white-collar crook’ who was ‘unfit to serve.’”

The Guardian: DNC targets Trump campaign rally with ‘convicted white-collar crook’ billboard

[David Smith, 06/08/24]

“Democrats will target Donald Trump’s first full-scale campaign rally since his criminal trial with a billboard that brands him ‘a convicted white-collar crook.’

“The ad, paid for by the Democratic National Committee (DNC), is the latest indication that the party is ready to become more aggressive in capitalising on last month’s guilty verdict in New York.

“‘Trump was a disaster for Nevada’s economy,’ says the billboard, which will be displayed in Las Vegas, where Trump is due to speak on Sunday. ‘Now he’s back. A convicted white-collar crook. Coddling billionaires, leaving workers behind.’


“The Las Vegas billboard attempts to tie Trump’s criminal record to his economic one, portraying him as a ‘white-collar crook’ who ripped off Nevada’s working class when he was president. The phrase also has echoes of the ‘Crooked Hillary’ label that proved effective for Trump during the 2016 campaign.

“Stephanie Justice, a DNC spokesperson, said: ‘As Donald Trump returns to Nevada this weekend for the first time as a convicted felon, voters will remember this crook left Nevada’s workers out to dry as president.’

“‘After promising to take care of Nevada’s middle class, he implemented a tax scam that made the ultra-wealthy and corporations wealthier off the backs of working families, repeatedly attacked unions and sat back as Nevada bled tens of thousands of jobs.’

“Justice added: ‘Now he’s promising tax handouts to his billionaire donors instead of putting the interests of working Nevadans first. Nevada voters know that Trump is too corrupt and unfit to serve, and will reject him again in 2024.’”

Politico: DNC billboard knocks Trump as ‘convicted white-collar crook’ ahead of campaign rally

[Jared Mitovich, 06/08/24]

“A billboard knocking Donald Trump as a ‘convicted white-collar crook’ will greet the former president during his first visit as a felon to Sin City, where he will hold a campaign rally on Sunday.

“The ad, displayed along an interstate in Las Vegas a few miles from the rally site and paid for by the Democratic National Committee, hits Trump on two levels — as corrupt and criminal — as the party becomes increasingly combative in attacking his criminal and economic record.

“‘Trump was a disaster for Nevada’s economy. Now he’s back,’ reads the billboard — which makes no explicit mention of President Joe Biden. ‘A convicted white-collar crook. Coddling billionaires, leaving workers behind.’”

Rolling Stone: DNC Trolls Trump with ‘Convicted White-Collar Crook’ Billboard Ahead of Vegas Rally

[Peter Wade, 06/09/24]

“THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL Committee is rolling out a special welcome for Donald Trump as he arrives in Las Vegas for a rally Sunday: a billboard calling him a ‘convicted white-collar crook.’

“‘Trump was a disaster for Nevada’s economy. Now he’s back. A convicted white-collar crook. Coddling billionaires, leaving workers behind,’ reads the sign, which is located on an interstate a few miles from the location of the former president’s upcoming rally, according to Politico.

“When Trump left office in Jan. 2021, Nevada unemployment was at 8.9 percent — nearly four points higher than it is now — and it’s clear the DNC wants to remind voters of that fact.”

Washington Examiner: DNC billboard attack ad to greet Trump as ‘convicted white-collar crook’ in Nevada

[Jenny Goldsberry, 06/08/24]

“Former President Donald Trump will be in Nevada on Sunday, as will a billboard attacking him for his status as a convicted felon, paid for by the Democratic National Committee.

“The attack ad comes after a Manhattan jury found Trump guilty on all 34 felony counts of falsifying business records last week. While the former president has committed to appealing the verdict within the 30-day limit, the DNC is knocking him for the conviction.

“‘Trump was a disaster for Nevada’s economy,’ the billboard reads. ‘Now he’s back. A convicted white-collar crook. Coddling billionaires, leaving workers behind.’

“DNC spokeswoman Stephanie Justice cited the Nevada Republican Party’s own bylaw, Article 16, which forbids the party from supporting a felon. The most recent set of rules was enacted in 2022, before Trump’s trials made it to any docket.

“‘After attacking Nevada voters’ rights – from spreading dangerous election lies to undermining Nevadans’ votes in frivolous suits – the Nevada GOP continues to prove that nothing will stop them from supporting Donald Trump, not even their own rules that forbid them from supporting a convicted felon,’ Justice said in a statement. ‘Now, the NV GOP is making the embarrassing admission that they knew all along Trump would be convicted and ripped out the ‘convicted felon’ clause of their platform to make an exception for him, showing Nevada voters that there’s no end to their corruption.’”

Raw Story: Trump to be greeted with ‘crook’ billboard in Las Vegas before first post-verdict rally

[Carl Gibson, 06/08/24]

“Former President Donald Trump will speak at a campaign rally in Las Vegas, Nevada this weekend, marking his first official rally since he was convicted of 34 felonies in New York. And the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is planning to greet Trump supporters with a new billboard reminding them of his criminal record.

“The Guardian reported that the anti-Trump billboard is going up just in time for his Sunday rally in the Silver State’s largest city. The billboard reads: ‘Trump was a disaster for Nevada’s economy. Now he’s back. A convicted white-collar crook. Coddling billionaires, leaving workers behind. DONALD TRUMP: UNFIT TO SERVE.’ The portion reading ‘convicted white-collar crook’ is highlighted.”

The Nevada Independent: Trump stays out of Senate primary in Vegas rally; pans Biden border policy as ‘bullshit’

[Eric Neugeboren and Gabby Birenbaum, 06/09/24]

“Democrats have hammered Trump in recent days, with the Democratic National Committee launching billboards in Las Vegas on Saturday, calling Trump a ‘convicted white-collar crook’ and a ‘disaster for Nevada’s economy.’ The progressive group Battle Born Progress also released two mobile billboards on Trump’s conviction and efforts to curtain abortion access.”


Newslooks: El Comité Nacional Demócrata Presenta Un Nuevo Cartel Que Llama A Donald Trump Un “Delincuente Convicto”


“El Comité Nacional Demócrata intensifica sus ataques contra el expresidente Donald Trump. preparándose por primera vez para revelar un nuevo anuncio político que se referirá a Trump como un ‘criminal convicto’ después de un jurado de Manhattan la semana pasada declaró culpable a Trump de 34 cargos de falsificación de registros comerciales en su juicio por “‘dinero secreto.’” 


“El cartel se exhibirá cerca del evento de campaña de Trump en Phoenix, Arizona, marcando su primera parada oficial de campaña desde el veredicto.

“El cartel, tanto en inglés como en español, dice: ‘Trump ya atacó una vez la democracia de Arizona. Ahora ha vuelto como un delincuente convicto. Busca venganza y retribución. Triunfo. No apto para servir.’”

Arroba Juarez: El Comité Nacional Demócrata trollea a Trump con un cartel publicitario de ‘criminal de cuello blanco convicto’ antes del mitin en Las Vegas

[Alfred Des Diaz, 06/09/24]

“Nacional Democrático El comité dio una bienvenida especial a Donald Trump cuando llegó a Las Vegas para un mitin el domingo: un cartel lo llamaba ‘criminal de cuello blanco convicto.’

“‘Trump es un desastre para la economía de Nevada. Ahora ha vuelto. Un criminal de cuello blanco convicto. Mimar a los multimillonarios, dejar atrás a los trabajadores,’ decía el cartel, ubicado en una carretera interestatal a varios kilómetros del lugar de la próxima manifestación del ex presidente, según Politico.

“Cuando Trump dejó el cargo en enero de 2021, el desempleo en Nevada se disparó 8,9 por ciento (casi cuatro puntos más que ahora) y está claro que el Comité Nacional Demócrata quiere recordarles a los votantes ese hecho.”

Ofici Nista: El Comité Nacional Demócrata apunta al mitin de campaña de Trump con un cartel de “delincuente de cuello blanco condenado”

[Antonio Rosique, 06/08/24]

“Los demócratas apuntarán al primer mitin de campaña a gran escala de Donald Trump desde su juicio penal con un cartel que lo califica como ‘un delincuente de cuello blanco convicto.’

“El anuncio, pagado por el Comité Nacional Demócrata (DNC) es el último indicio de que el partido está dispuesto a ser más agresivo a la hora de capitalizar el veredicto de culpabilidad del mes pasado en Nueva York.

“‘Trump fue un desastre para la economía de Nevada,’ cube el cartel, que se exhibirá en Las Vegas, donde Trump hablará el domingo. ‘Ahora ha vuelto. Un delincuente de cuello blanco convicto. Mimar a los multimillonarios y dejar atrás a los trabajadores.’”

Meanwhile, as if having to campaign as a convicted felon wasn’t embarrassing enough, the Nevada GOP is scrambling to change its bylaws so it can still support Donald Trump: 

The Nevada Independent: Nevada GOP’s bylaws bar support for convicted felons. It made an exception for Trump.

[Tabitha Mueller, 06/07/24]

“The Nevada Republican Party’s bylaws explicitly prevent it from supporting convicted felons, but the party made a special exception for former President Donald Trump, who was convicted last week of 34 felony charges.

“The party is actively promoting a Trump campaign rally scheduled in Las Vegas this weekend and even went so far as to issue a statement defending Trump after the conviction was announced.

“‘The partisan farce that unfolded today can be described as nothing short of a radicalized campaign stunt born of a highly conflicted trial,’ the statement said at the time. ‘We stand in complete support of President Donald J. Trump and resist the charges upheld in today’s judgment.’

“Article 16 of the state party bylaws on the group’s website stipulates that the party ‘shall neither recognize nor support any candidate for public office who has been convicted of a felony or, while serving in a public office, was impeached and convicted or removed from office for any reason.’ 

“The article, however, includes a provision that the party can waive the rule with a two-thirds majority vote of members and delegates present at the GOP state convention or the Nevada Republican Central Committee (NRCC). 

“In a text message, Chairman Michael McDonald wrote that Trump is the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee and said the Nevada GOP’s board met to waive the provisions of Article 16, which is still subject to ratification by the full NRCC at its next meeting.

“McDonald added that the party anticipates the ‘sham results of the New York witch hunt trial’ to be ‘fully overturned on appeal.’

“‘The NVGOP reiterates our full support and endorsement for Donald J Trump to replace Joe Biden as the 47th President of the United States,’ McDonald said.

“A spokesperson for the party did not reply to a text message asking when the board meeting took place.

“Representatives from the state party agreed to an interview on Friday to discuss the bylaws and whether the two-thirds majority vote had taken place but did not follow through. 

“A spokesperson said the party is busy with preparations for Trump’s visit and was unable to give an interview.”

Washington Post: Trump raises $27 million in Western states as he sets sights on Nevada

[Maeve Reston, 06/09/24]

“Donald Trump is campaigning in Nevada this weekend after a lucrative sweep of fundraisers that are expected to raise $27 million for his effort, according to a senior Trump campaign official, a week after he was convicted on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records.”


“The Nevada Independent reported Friday that the Nevada Republican Party’s bylaws prevent it from supporting a candidate who has been convicted of a felony, but members of the party met recently to waive those rules. The Nevada GOP chairman and other party officials did not respond to queries about the recent vote.”
“‘The Nevada GOP continues to prove that nothing will stop them from supporting Donald Trump, not even their own rules that forbid them from supporting a convicted felon,” said DNC spokesperson Stephanie Justice. ‘Nevadans are watching as the Nevada GOP digs itself deeper and deeper into a hole of extremism.’”