Dr. Fauci, Tulsa Officials Warn Against Trump Rally

Public health experts are warning about the risks of Trump holding a campaign rally in Tulsa as the state experiences record increases in new coronavirus cases. Once again, Trump has put his ego over the advice of health experts.

Dr. Fauci warned of the risk of Trump holding his Tulsa rally and said “of course” he wouldn’t attend because of coronavirus.

Washington Post: “‘Of course not’: Fauci says he personally wouldn’t attend Trump’s Tulsa rally, citing coronavirus”

Tulsa public officials and health experts say “there is nothing good” about Trump’s rally and “it’s like seeing a train wreck coming.”

Tulsa Health Department Executive Director: “I recommended it be postponed until it’s safer.”

Tulsa Health Department Executive Director: “Like any other public health official, I’m a little angry. Frankly, I’m afraid for a lot of people. It hurts my heart that we know this is a possibility and we’re doing it anyway. It’s like seeing the train wreck coming.”

Tulsa County Commissioner: “There’s just nothing good about this, and particularly in an enclosed arena. … This is not about politics. This is about the insanity of our numbers.”

Instead of addressing Tulsa’s concerns, Kayleigh McEnany downplayed the risks and Mike Pence lied that Oklahoma is seeing a decline in new cases, when Oklahoma and Tulsa itself both hit record highs.

Wall Street Journal’s Rebecca Ballhaus: “.@PressSec on if Trump has a responsibility to make sure his supporters are safe at his rallies: ‘When you go to a baseball game you assume a risk. That’s part of life.’ She declined to say whether the WH or campaign consulted any health experts on whether to hold the rally.”

CNN: “Fact check: Pence falsely claims coronavirus cases in Oklahoma are on the decline”

CNN: “A record 225 new cases were reported in Oklahoma on Saturday.”

New York Times’s Annie Karni: “At Tulsa mayor’s press conference, officials announce 96 people tested positive for Covid-19, call it a new record for daily increase.”