Dreamers Deserve More Than Just Empty Promises

Yesterday, President Trump said that “we want to do a great job with DACA” and “solve the problem.” We have heard his empty words before: Trump said he would treat Dreamers “with heart” only to rescind the DACA program, throwing hundreds of thousands of lives into chaos and uncertainty. Trump also said yesterday that “If you don’t have a wall, you don’t have DACA.” That is just about the only thing we can believe from him: Republicans will continue to hold Dreamers’ lives and futures hostage and use them as a bargaining chip.


One of the Dreamers whose life hangs in the hands of Republicans is Carlos Gonzalez. Carlos, 26, is one of the hundreds of thousands of young people who were brought to the Unites States as children. His family moved here after his father passed away from cancer so his mother could build a better life and opportunities for her young children. Carlos is an American in every way but on paper. We need to pass the Dream Act for him and the nearly 800,000 more like him.


“No one believes Donald Trump when he says he’s doing a ‘great job’ fixing a problem he created by making his cruel decision to rescind DACA. Dreamers deserve more than the empty promises they continue to get from Trump and Republicans. They deserve immediate action from Congress. It’s time for Republicans to put aside their partisan agenda and pass the bipartisan Dream Act,” said DNC spokesperson Francisco Pelayo.


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