Drug Prices Skyrocket As Much As 667%, Despite Trump’s Promises

Trump promised to lower prescription drug costs, and, in fact, he claims he’s already been successful in doing so. The truth, though, is prices continue to skyrocket and families across the country are struggling to get by.

Prices continue to increase on hundreds of drugs — one by as much as 667 percent — despite Trump’s promises to bring costs down.

ArsTechnica: “Pharmaceutical companies continue to raise prices on hundreds of drugs at rates well over that of inflation, according to a newly released report on drug-pricing data. … But some drugs stood out for having exorbitant hikes, as Kaiser Health News pointed out. A liquid version of generic Prozac (fluoxetine) went from $9 to $69 just in the first quarter of 2019—a 667% increase. The reason given was new production costs.”

There are people like Kat Schroeder all across the country who live in fear and are struggling to get by because of Trump’s broken promises.

“[Insulin’s] not something that I can go without. And it’s really scary to be in a position where you feel like you’re just  living day-to-day and hoping that you’ll get through it.” – Kat Schroeder