During Virtual Press Tour, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison Reminds Swing State Voters that America is “Back on Track” Thanks to President Biden & Democrats

DNC Chair Harrison: “It was Democrats who listened to the American people, it was Democrats who voted for the [American Rescue Plan], it was Democrats who actually got the money into the pockets of the people….”

As President Joe Biden approaches his 100th day in office, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison kicked off a virtual press tour last week across several swing states to highlight how the President and Democrats across the country are delivering for the American people and getting things back on track. From Florida to Wisconsin, Chair Harrison spoke about the importance of the American Rescue Plan and how it has delivered real, tangible results to those who need it most. With effective distribution of vaccines and direct aid to millions, Americans across the country are beginning to go back to work, small businesses are able to keep their doors open, and Americans’ lives are beginning to return to normal, thanks to President Biden and Democrats.

See the coverage for yourself:

In Florida:

NBC 6: “Well listen, the legislation that [President Biden’s] approved has broad bipartisan support in this country. If you take a look at the polling for his American Rescue Plan, 70 percent of the American people — [plurality] of Republicans, majority of Democrats — all support this legislation. Now, what needs to happen is that the Republicans in Congress need to put their finger on the pulse of the American people and understand that the American people right now want action.”


In Georgia:

WSB-TV: “The American people needed these resources and Joe Biden delivered for the American people,” Harrison said.

Elliot also spoke with Harrison about Georgia’s controversial new voting law — a law he says will make it more difficult for people to vote.

“Why then, here in this country, Republicans are doing everything that they can in order to make it more difficult for other people to exercise their right to vote,” Harrison said.

In Indiana:

Fox59: In the video above, we hear from State Sen. Erin Houchin (R-Salem) and State Sen. Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis) and talk one-on-one with DNC chair Jaime Harrison about a wide range of issues from gun law to police reform to infrastructure that are likely to be addressed by President Joe Biden in his first address to Congress next week.

“We have not invested in infrastructure in a very long time,” said Harrison. “There are miles of bridges and highways in Indiana that are in poor condition.”

In Pennsylvania:

KDKA Pittsburgh: “When you take a look at the bills that Joe Biden has proposed, they are overwhelmingly bipartisan in terms of the support of the American people,” Jaime Harrison, the new chair of the Democratic National Committee, told KDKA political editor Jon Delano on Monday.

In Wisconsin:

Fox6: The Democratic National Committee is already up with ads and billboards promoting the American Rescue Plan Act. […]

“It was Democrats who listened to the American people, it was Democrats who voted for the legislation, it was Democrats who actually got the money into the pockets of the people of Wisconsin, and so I hope folks will keep that in mind as they move forward and think about their choices in 2022.”