Economy and Job Growth Surge Thanks to President Biden

In just nine months in office, President Biden has successfully turned around a flatlining economy as the economy added 5.6 million jobs at a record pace. No matter how Republicans try to spin today’s jobs report, the numbers don’t lie: our economy is recovering at a rapid pace, Americans are returning to work, and we’re putting the pandemic behind us, all thanks to the leadership of President Biden and Democrats. 

The U.S. economy added 531,000 jobs in October and 5.6 million since President Biden took office, completely dwarfing Donald Trump’s jobs numbers.

Unemployment has fallen to 4.6%, jobless claims are at a 20-month low, and experts agree that today’s report is evidence of an economy that is continuing to recover.

New York Times: “The new jobs numbers present a straightforward, sunny story: Despite it all — the virus variants, the reopening struggles — Americans are going back to work at a rapid clip.”

Associated Press: “By most barometers, the economic recovery appears solidly on track. Services companies in such areas as retail, banking and warehousing have reported a sharp jump in sales. Sales of new and existing homes surged last month. And consumer confidence rose in October after three straight declines.”

Nick Bunker, Director of Economic Research at Indeed: “This is the kind of recovery we can get when we are not sidelined by a surge in COVID cases. […] The speed of employment gains has faltered at times this year, but the underlying momentum of the U.S. labor market is quite clear.”