Editorial Boards Across the Country Explain GOP Tax Plan Hurts Communities

Americans deserve a balanced tax reform plan that’s fair, ensures fiscal responsibility, strengthens our workforce, and creates economic opportunities for all. Instead of listening to this common sense approach, the House Republican tax bill is full of hidden hits to middle-class families, makes deep cuts to vital services that working families rely on, and leaves a massive hole in the federal deficit, just to secure tax breaks for the very wealthiest among us. Editorial boards know that this tax bill is a bad deal for middle-class families that will only make it more difficult to address our country’s pressing needs, such as funding education, infrastructure, and job creation. Republicans should listen to the American people and work on a bipartisan tax reform plan that focuses on helping working families and creates jobs and growth.

USA Today: Editorial: GOP tax ‘reform’ worse than partisan. It's petty.

“But by the standards of President Reagan’s landmark 1986 tax reform, this plan is a major disappointment. It lacks fiscal discipline, is needlessly indulgent of the wealthy, and is purposely punitive to universities, college students and people who live in high-tax states. Taken as a whole, this plan is partisan, even petty.”

New York Times: Editorial: A Tax Plan for a New Gilded Age

“With their new bill that would slash taxes on the wealthy and blow up the federal budget deficit, House Republicans and President Trump are making it absolutely clear whom they are working for — the top one percent — and whom they consider dispensable. Well, that’s pretty much everybody else.”

Charleston Gazette-Mail: Editorial: Is there anything for you in the GOP tax proposal?

“This bill is not good tax reform. It’s a gigantic giveaway to the Americans who could use it the least. When your Republican representatives vote for this plan, remember whose water they’re carrying.”

San Francisco Chronicle: Editorial: House tax plan doesn’t cut it

“Besides the huge addition to federal deficits, the bill’s clearest impact would be in favor of the rich — including, to a remarkable extent, the rich president who is the first in decades to conceal his tax returns from the public.”

MassLive.com: Editorial: Republican tax proposal just doesn't add up

“The bill as presented would add $1.5 trillion to the deficit. To which one might rationally ask: Toward what purpose, exactly? Don't expect an honest answer. It would give gobs of money to those who need it least.”

Washington Post: Editorial: Republicans break their promise on tax reform

“Republicans promised Americans a smart, careful tax reform that would simplify the code without adding a penny to the debt. The bill that House Republicans released Thursday betrays that promise. It also betrays the nation’s children, and their children, who would eventually have to pay for this big, unpaid-for tax cut that the country does not need.”

Star-Ledger: Editorial: The Republican tax plan: Bad for N.J., and the GOP knows it

“It remains unclear what the rushed and sprawling Republican tax reform bill will look like in its vote-ready incarnation, but even a cursory appraisal makes two things clear: It shoves more of the nation's wealth upward, into the bank accounts of the richest Americans – deficit be damned – and it could gouge middle-class New Jerseyans.”

Bloomberg: Editorial: The Latest Unfinished Republican Tax Plan

“You might imagine that making the U.S. tax code less efficient and more burdensome than it is already would be beyond even Washington’s ingenuity. Actually, judging from the process thus far, Congress is up to it.”

Baltimore Sun: Editorial: GOP tax plan offers costly table scraps for the middle class

“Whatever help might be offered to families earning less than $100,000 by such proposals as increasing the standard deduction or an expanding the child tax credit, for example, are likely to be offset by the loss of other tax benefits — most notably the limit on local and state tax deductions and the cap on mortgage interest deductions. Both hit states like Maryland hard.”

Los Angeles Times: Editorial: House Republicans unveil the wrong tax overhaul 

“One fundamental flaw, however, is that it ignores why Washington collects taxes in the first place, which is to cover the cost of the services the federal government delivers. Financed in part with budget gimmicks, the GOP plan is likely to raise the federal deficit more than its supporters acknowledge, with predictable and unwelcome results.”