Editorial Boards Blame Trump for Possible Shutdown

With a possible government shutdown looming, editorial boards across the country have placed the blame firmly where it belongs – on Donald Trump.


San Francisco Chronicle: “Moreover, Republicans’ total control of government, and the president’s explicit acceptance of responsibility for any impasse, all but eliminate the chief political drawback of a shutdown for Democrats: the possibility that the public might blame it on them.”


Baltimore Sun: “Trump’s wall, Trump’s shutdown”


The Seattle Times: “No one wins when the federal government shuts down, least of all the American people. Yet President Donald Trump proclaimed this week he would be ‘proud to shut down the government,’ with a braggadocio that shows callous disregard for federal workers and the public they serve.”


Newsday: “For the third time this year, a federal government shutdown looms as President Donald Trump demands more money for a Southern border wall in exchange for a budget deal with congressional leaders. How can Trump blame Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, who is likely to be speaker of the House, for not paying up when he’s always promised that Mexico would foot the bill?”

Santa Rosa Press Democrat: “Trump isn’t demanding that Mexico pay for his wall anymore. He’s holding the federal government hostage in a bid to force U.S. taxpayers to foot the bill. It’s a ridiculous demand, and Trump will have no one but himself to blame if federal employees are furloughed for Christmas and national park visitors are told to pack up and leave.”


Fresno Bee: “Within minutes, Trump was demanding total credit for any future government shutdown, saying he would be ‘proud’ to be held responsible for the economically destructive maneuver.”


MassLive: “Three shutdowns in 23 months. That’s a bit more than one every eight months, if you’re scoring at home. Shutdown Don, indeed. If the president and the Congress fail to come to an agreement in time to avert yet another partial shutdown, it will be Trump who bears responsibility.”


Beaumont Enterprise: “If Trump is truly serious about a shutdown, more Republicans — like our other Texas senator, Ted Cruz — need to tell him why that’s a bad idea. Our country can have the border security it needs without this divisive issue.”


Boston Globe: “The wall is a ridiculous, wasteful demand, and holding the rest of the government hostage to it would be more ridiculous still.”


Mankato Free Press: “Trump seems to think the public wants him to shut down the government, as he time and again said he would take ownership of the action. The public already has repudiated the president and his style in the midterm elections. The implications of Trump’s actions are obvious to almost all Americans, but, sadly, not to him.”


Texarkana Gazette: “Later in the day he held a meeting with Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer at the White House that did not give the president what he wanted. So he vowed to shut down the government if he didn’t get his way on the wall.”


Los Angeles Times: “If he can’t persuade lawmakers to fund the wall, he shouldn’t put a huge chunk of the federal workforce on leave (which, if history is any guide, will ultimately become a paid vacation) to try to change their minds.”