Editorial Boards: Release The Report

Attorney General Barr’s summary leaves many questions unanswered, and makes it clear that Muller did not exonerate Trump on obstruction of justice. Mueller’s full report must be released to the public, so that Americans get the transparency they deserve and Congress can be allowed to conduct proper oversight.


Editorial boards across the country agree that Mueller’s full report must be released to the public:


USA Today Editorial: “Congress and the public deserve to see Mueller’s full, taxpayer-funded report, and that should happen, with redactions only to protect sources and methods.”


San Francisco Chronicle Editorial: “The attorney general must release Robert Mueller’s report”


Chicago Tribune Editorial: “We, along with Americans by the millions, await the release of Mueller’s findings to see for ourselves.”


York Dispatch Editorial: “Watered-down Cliffs Notes won’t cut it. Congress and the public must see Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report if maintaining faith in the system is of any concern.”


Newsday Editorial: “This is now Attorney General William Barr’s moment. He must vet the report as quickly as possible and release as much as possible.”


Los Angeles Times Editorial: “These contrasting perspectives, as well as a profusion of other as-yet unanswered questions, are a reminder that it is absolutely vital that Congress — and the public — be given access to Mueller’s complete report, with only minimal redactions to protect legitimate national security secrets.”


Press Democrat Editorial: “Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 election, delivered a mixed verdict — making it all the more important that the American public gets an opportunity to fully evaluate his findings.”


St. Louis Dispatch Editorial: “This report, whatever it says, needs to be disclosed.”