Even More New Local Opinion Pieces Call Out Republicans for Votes To Jeopardize The Economy

PA Small Business Owner to Republicans: “I’m Running My Business and Doing My Job. Now, it’s Time for You To Do Yours.”

Today, Americans across the country are yet again reading about the consequences of Republicans blocking legislation to address the debt ceiling as small business owners, veterans, and more highlight how catastrophic it would be if Mitch McConnell and Republicans get their way. From jeopardizing up to six million American jobs, stopping Social Security payments, and blocking our soldiers from getting paid, Republicans are playing politics with our recovering economy, and voters across the country are taking notice.

See the latest opinion pieces calling out Republicans on the debt ceiling, below:

In Pennsylvania:

Erie Times-News: Erie brewer: Sen. Toomey’s debt ceiling games risk disaster for businesses like mine

Well, senators, I may be too busy running a business to pay attention to most of the twist and turns of Washington, but most voters aren’t dummies. When you tell us you’re willing to play political games with our economy, we believe you. And when you put the brewery I’ve worked so hard to keep alive for the past year and a half at risk again by creating a disastrous, self-made economic crisis, you’re absolutely right I’ll remember that next November — and the name of every Republican who opposed suspending the debt ceiling and wanted to put my business back in danger.

I’m running my business and doing my job. Now, it’s time for you to do yours.

Pennsylvania Capital-Star: Republicans are the clowns in the debt ceiling circus. The act isn’t funny anymore

In case you missed it, on Monday, Republicans in the narrowly divided U.S. Senate voted to block the approval of new borrowing intended to pay for old debt that they’re complicit in racking up.

While entirely unsurprising, the GOP’s united front on the debt ceiling is the most transparent kind of political cynicism.

In Georgia:

Cobb County Courier: Mitch McConnell, Senate Republicans Are Playing Political Football With Veterans’ Livelihoods

With Senate Republicans turning the long-standing bipartisan tradition of raising America’s debt ceiling into a facetious political game, the GOP is putting millions of Georgians’ livelihoods at risk — especially for veterans like me.

As a third-generation wartime veteran, I served eight years in the Marine Corps on active and reserve duty with some of the bravest men and women I have ever met. I, and the other more than 697,000 veterans who live in Georgia, have dedicated our lives to service to this country — and we’d do it all over again. But as we watch Mitch McConnell lead Republicans to put their own politics above the livelihoods of millions of active duty military members, veterans, and Americans — it’s clear that the GOP cares more about partisanship than what’s best for our country.

In Florida:

Panama City News Herald: Failing to raise the debt ceiling affects all of us | Guestview

Raising the debt ceiling should be a bipartisan effort by both Democrats and Republicans, as this is something that affects all of us. The current Republican leadership is playing games with the future of the American economy to score political points, which could impact us for decades to come. Senator McConnell agrees that we can never allow America to default, as do most Republicans. So I ask, what are they waiting for?

In Utah:

The Salt Lake Tribune: Republicans — even Mitt Romney — will crash the economy just to make Democrats look bad, Editorial Board writes

There are partisan arguments going in both directions and fair amounts of blame to go around. But right now, it is the play-acting fiscal conservatives of the Republican Party who are about to push the global economy into a horrible recession just for the chance to make the Democrats, who now hold the White House and razor-thin majorities in Congress, look bad.

This is not responsible governing. This is a political death cult. And it is troubling in the extreme that even such normally responsible adults as Utah Sen. Mitt Romney appear to be supporting such destructive actions.