Even Senate Republicans Are Disturbed By DeSantis and Trump Siding With Putin

As Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump race to out-MAGA each other, even Senate Republicans are calling out the 2024 presidential frontrunners as too extreme as the race for the MAGA base takes an extreme turn to undermining our allies and democracy. 

Even Senate Republicans, not known for their moderate views, are distancing themselves from DeSantis and Trump’s extreme positions on Ukraine. 

Politico: “Senate Republicans are breaking with Ron DeSantis over his opposition to more Ukraine aid, saying further assistance would help the U.S. be more hawkish on China.”

Cornyn: “I’m disturbed by it. I think he’s a smart guy. I want to find out more about it, but I hope he feels like he doesn’t need to take that Tucker Carlson line to be competitive in the primary… It’s important for us to continue to support Ukrainians for our own security.”

Graham: “To those who believe that Russia’s unprovoked and barbaric invasion of Ukraine is not a priority for the United States – you are missing a lot.”

Rubio: “Well, I don’t know what he’s trying to do or what the goal is. Obviously, he doesn’t deal with foreign policy every day as governor. So I’m not sure. … I mean, I can’t compare that to something else he did or has said over the last few years, because he doesn’t deal with it every day.”

Wicker: “This incident should serve as a wake-up call to isolationists in the United States that it is in our national interest to treat Putin as the threat he truly is.”

Wicker: “I completely disagree with his comments.”

“I take them at face value, they were written and submitted, not off the cuff.”

Trump and DeSantis are leading the pack when it comes to siding with Putin and against Ukraine and democracy, using Tucker Carlson’s most recent questionnaire to 2024 Republican candidates as their chance to rail against supporting democracy in Ukraine and side with Putin.

New York Times: “Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida has sharply broken with Republicans who are determined to defend Ukraine against Russia’s invasion, saying in a statement made public on Monday night that protecting the European nation’s borders is not a vital U.S. interest and that policymakers should instead focus attention at home.”

New York Times: “Mr. Trump repeated a frequent riff, saying that ‘both sides are weary and ready to make a deal’ and that the ‘death and destruction must end now.’ Mr. Trump has already said he would let Russia ‘take over’ parts of Ukraine in a negotiated deal.”