EXPOSED: Kim Reynolds Latest Republican Governor to Take Credit for American Rescue Plan She Opposed

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds is the latest Republican governor to hypocritically take credit for President Biden and Democrats’ American Rescue Plan. As the economy takes substantial steps forward, millions of Americans find employment, and families breathe a little easier thanks to President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, Reynolds is attempting to take credit for investments made possible solely by Democrats.

In response, DNC spokesperson Ryan Thomas released the following statement:

“Governor Reynolds is sorely mistaken if she thinks she won’t be held accountable for her brazen and desperate attempt to memory hole her opposition to one of the most popular pieces of legislation ever now that it is helping our country build back from a devastating pandemic. The American people will see through her and other Republicans’ pathetic attempts to take credit for an economic recovery plan they opposed, which was only made possible by President Biden and Democrats in Congress — and they will hold them accountable for it.”

As a reminder: Governor Reynolds sat down with a local editorial board and made very clear that she opposed the same plan she’s taking credit for now.

Sioux City Journal: “Gov. Kim Reynolds has made it abundantly clear she’s not happy with the $1.9 trillion pandemic relief bill that passed the U.S. House Saturday.”